Dec 1, 2010

Modeling of electromagnetic stimulation of the human brain

PMID: 21095888

AUTHORS: Dmitry Lazutkin, Peter Husar

AFFILIATION: Division of Biological Signal Processing, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Informatics, Ilmenau University of Technology, PO Box 100565, 98684, Germany.

REFERENCE: Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2010 1():581-4

The World Health Organization estimates depression as a serious threat
to the health of millions of people worldwide. The purpose of this paper
is to introduce the ongoing research devoted to the investigation of a
possibility to use low-field electromagnetic stimulation of the human
brain in the treatment of depressive disorder. In the course of the work
the 3D models of transcranial magnetic stimulation and low-field
magnetic stimulation based upon the use of a layered sphere head model
have been developed. An initial approach towards the realistic human
head reconstruction has been made. The revealed order of the stimulating
electromagnetic field suitable for operation makes it possible to draft
a technical specification for the stimulation device.